TransUnion Signs Agreement with Constellation to Purchase Renewable Energy

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TransUnion’s long-term commitment is expected to support development of 8.5 megawatts of new solar; help company reduce carbon emissions associated with its energy use by over 8,000 metric tons each year

TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) today announced an 8.5 megawatt agreement with Constellation (NASDAQ: CEG) to purchase renewable energy equivalent to the annual electricity use of its Chicago headquarters, which will also reduce TransUnion’s emissions associated with purchased electricity (Scope 2 emissions).

Through a 12-year agreement beginning in April 2025, TransUnion will purchase energy and renewable energy certificates (RECs) generated by Swift Current Energy’s Double Black Diamond Solar Project in downstate Illinois. Peak construction of the solar project began in March 2023.  TransUnion’s contract for the energy will begin in 2025.

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