Our Partners

We’re in it for the long-haul as a trusted partner each and every step of the way.


Each project that we develop is inherently unique and we understand that we must tailor our approach accordingly.

The project lifecycle typically begins (and ends) with our landowners – those who are leasing their property to physically host the project. From the get-go, we need to understand the specific details of each property, and work to make sure that our landowners remain comfortable throughout the development, construction, and operational phases of the project. As a partner-owned company, we place great value and importance on the relationships we build and maintain with our landowners over the long-term.

Host Communities

We recognize our projects have a long-term presence in the communities where they are located and understand from firsthand experience that it is essential to be part of the communities in which we work.

We establish meaningful relationships that translate into long-term partnerships with local communities. We strive to build trust and credibility by working in close coordination with organizations and community members and by being an active participant in supporting the local community. We are pleased to support local organizations and to have help communities meet their needs. For instance, in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, we supported an economic development initiative which allowed the community to build a community grocery store.


We work to develop projects that are competitively advantaged allowing us to sell low-cost, clean power over the long-term.

Our team has deep market knowledge and broad experience with an array of offtakers and contract structures, including utility and corporate Power Purchase Agreements, bank hedges, and revenue swaps. We have successfully sold renewable energy to customers such as General Motors, Bloomberg, Starbucks, and Comcast/Spectrum.  We work hard to maintain flexibility to structure tailored offtake contracts to meet our customers’ specific needs.  We are pleased to partner with customers of all types to safely deliver low-cost clean energy.

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