Mike Herfurth

________ Executive Vice President of Pre-Construction and Construction

As Executive Vice President of Pre-Construction and Construction, Mike Herfurth leads the Swift Current Energy teams responsible for taking projects from mid to late-stage development through the pre-construction, procurement, construction and startup phases, before subsequent handover to asset management and operations. Mike is a seasoned power generation executive with more than 34 years of experience in project development, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance and asset management.

Prior to joining Swift Current, Mike held numerous leadership, project management and project execution roles at FPL, Southern Company, Dynegy, Wind Capital Group, NRG, and EDP Renewables. Over the course of his career, Mike has overseen the successful development and execution of over 10 GW of utility-scale coal, gas, wind, solar and battery storage projects across North America and Mexico.

Mike holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University.


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