Matt Birchby


Matt Birchby is a Co-Founder, Partner and President of Swift Current Energy. Matt is a seasoned energy development and investment professional with nearly 13 years of experience across the renewable energy value chain in acquisitions, development, offtake origination and structuring, project finance, and asset management. Matt led the development of our HillTopper and Whitney Hill projects in Illinois and currently oversees all origination and strategy initiative for the company.

Prior to co-founding Swift Current Energy, Matt was the Director of Origination at Altenex, where he led their commercial team representing corporate entities procuring energy through power purchase agreements. Previously, Matt was a member of Westerly Wind and D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments, where he was primarily responsible for activities that ranged from late stage development and commercial activities to acquisitions and dispositions of both wind and PV solar assets. Matt began his career in renewable energy at First Wind, and in various roles grew from an energy market analyst to being responsible for all items associated with optimizing the performance of operating wind farms in the northeastern United States. Matt has an undergraduate degree from Colby College, with a B.A. in Economics.


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