Alec Jarvis


Alec Jarvis is a Vice President of Development at Swift Current Energy. In this role, Alec specializes in onshore wind and solar development with specific a focus on the Northeast U.S. market. Alec concentrates on resource assessment, prospecting, stakeholder outreach, regulatory coordination, and project permitting and has a track record of success in bringing utility-scale projects to market.

Alec joined Swift Current Energy after successful stints at Calpine and First Wind where he successfully navigated the complex permitting regimes in states such as New York and Maine.  At First Wind, he successfully originated and developed the Oakfield (150 MW) and Bingham (186 MW) wind farms in Maine. Alec also served as Vice President of Non-Timber Resources at Hancock Land Company in Maine where he promoted non-timber resource exploration including renewable development. He has previous work experience in El Salvador, Guatemala, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Paraguay. Alec holds a master’s in science in Forestry from Michigan Technological University and a B.S. from Miami University. He is also fluent in Spanish and Guaraní.


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