Ahmed Salloum


As Vice President of Transmission & Interconnection, Ahmed Salloum is responsible for managing the transmission related aspects of Swift Current Energy’s projects throughout the various generation interconnection process phases.

Dr. Salloum has over 13 years of experience in electric power engineering, both in industry and research, in the US and overseas. He has extensive experience in leading and conducting power system studies and power system modeling as part of transmission planning and renewable sources integration projects. Dr. Salloum also has experience in the mechanism of EMS and market models impact on real time operations. He has experience in optimization algorithms and utilizing them in power systems such as reactive power optimization and optimal power flow.

Prior to joining Swift Current Energy, Dr. Salloum was a Principal Engineer at Mitsubishi Electric, where he led and conducted steady state and transient stability studies for various clients within the electric power industry. Ahmed has also worked in a similar role at Siemens PTI.

Dr. Salloum received his Ph.D. and MS degrees in Electric Power and Energy Engineering from Arizona State University, after being awarded a Fulbright Scholarship.


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