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Cook County Announces First Off-Site Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable Energy

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(Cook County) President Preckwinkle, along with representatives from the Bureau of Asset Management and Department of Environment and Sustainability, announced today Cook County’s first power purchase agreement for renewable energy. The agreement was reached as part of a broader transaction with Constellation and Swift Current Energy. Starting in March 2025, Cook County’s asset portfolio will source approximately 24% of its electricity (about 49,000 MWh) from a new, off-site solar project in Illinois. Greenhouse gas emissions savings in today’s terms would save the equivalent emissions of powering 4,733 households each year. In the first year, this energy will cover 100% of the electricity use at 18 Cook County owned-and-operated buildings including health clinics, office buildings, highway maintenance facilities, public safety buildings and warehouses. The agreement will span over 12 years, with the ability to add in new buildings as energy is reduced.

“Any time we can achieve our sustainability goals, while also bringing economic development to our communities, we consider it a huge step forward,” said President Preckwinkle. “The co-benefits secured for this agreement mean investment in jobs, training, and domestic manufacturing, and the energy savings and environmental effects are monumental. I am proud that Cook County is a leader for not just sustainability, but in agreements that benefit the community as well.

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