• Tony Lent
    Tony Lent Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Lent is a seasoned investor in the clean energy and resource efficiency industries with 20 years of experience, 12 years in senior principal investing roles. Currently, Tony is Co-founder & Co-Managing Partner with E & R Group.

  • Eric D. Lammers
    Eric D. Lammers Partner, Chief Investment Officer

    Mr. Lammers is an experienced investor and company builder in the energy infrastructure space with 22 years of experience, including 13 years of senior private equity investing.

  • Jason Segal
    Jason Segal Partner, Investor Relations

    Mr. Segal has 21 years of experience in building quantitative trading and asset management businesses and environmentally-focused investment banks.

  • Matt Birchby
    Matt Birchby Principal, Director of  Commercial Relations

    Mr. Birchby is a seasoned wind development and investment professional, with nearly 10 years experience in renewable energy, who has specifically focused on late stage commercial optimization of development assets.

  • Peter Mara
    Peter Mara Principal, Director of Finance & Origination

    Mr. Mara is a founder of a successful independent wind development finance specialist and is an expert in wind and energy project finance.

  • Will Havemeyer
    Will Havemeyer Corporate Counsel

    Mr. Havemeyer is an experienced energy leader with a versatile blend of energy, finance, corporate and transactional expertise.  He has been at the center of some of the most innovative energy generation efforts of the last decade.  Will has worked on the development, construction, operation and financing of multiple types of power generation assets and knows what it takes to get projects from concept to completion.

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